Revolut introduces its device to Poland.  Here's what it's good for

Revolut introduces its device to Poland. Here’s what it’s good for

Revolut introduces its small, portable Revolut Reader payment terminal to Poland. This pocket-sized device can be used in companies of all sizes – from sole proprietorships to large corporations.

Revolut Reader is a device that is not entirely new to the fintech offer – the terminal debuted in mid-2022. At that time, however, it was only available in Great Britain and Ireland. Unexpectedly, Revolut Reader arrived finally to Poland and can be used by business customers.

Revolut Reader is just the beginning

Revolut Reader is lightweight payment card reader designed for the convenience of sellers accepting payments in-store (e.g. cafe) or on the go (e.g. deliveries). As fintech announces, the premiere of the device is the first step in building it presence of the Revolut brand in stationary sales pointsso it probably won’t end there.

The handheld card reader accepts payments from both debit and credit cardsas well as contactless payments phone or watch. Sales are facilitated by functions such as “product catalog” and “add tip”. After charging the battery, it settles transactions all day long. The transaction processing time is immediate, it takes time up to 5 seconds. After confirming and settling the payment, customers can store funds in one place – on their Revolut Business account.

Revolut Reader is designed to make life easier for entrepreneurs. The compact card reader fits in your pocket, has a powerful battery and, together with your account and the Revolut Business mobile application, accelerates sales and access to funds. Saving time and money, safe transactions, and effective company processes are our strong arguments

– praises Paweł Odziemczyk, Head of Sales CEE at Revolut Business.

The Revolut Reader device can be connected to other sales systems (POS) used in the company thanks to the shared one SDK and API interface. Revolut is already working on the next version of its POS software, which will increase the flexibility of accepting payments and processing transactions also for large corporate clients.

Revolut Reader – how much does it cost?

Revolut Reader allows you to receive, settle and store funds in one account. The cost of the device is PLN 199the fee for a private domestic card transaction is 0.8% and PLN 0.10, and for transactions with corporate or international cards 2.6% and PLN 0.10 (in the case of large turnover, there is an option to further price negotiation).

Revolut argues that its terminal will work in any company – a sole proprietorship, a micro, small or medium-sized company, or even a corporation, regardless of the industry. It can be a good complement to a Revolut Pro or Revolut Business account, along with its associated tools.

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