Revolut zniknęła kasa

Revolut. He lost 22 thousand. PLN while he was sleeping

Losing money from your account always hurts. But what should we do when our savings disappear while we are sleeping peacefully? The story that happened to a man from Ireland gives you unpleasant chills.

Unfortunately, such stories still happen. It turns out that the victim of this crime, ironically, is a cybersecurity expert himself and admits that he has never been caught by fraudulent emails or text messages. So how did this happen?

The money disappeared from the account while the man was sound asleep

The story of the disappearance of PLN 22,000 happened to one of Revolut’s customers in Ireland, who, due to his profession, is a cybercrime expert, does not respond to suspicious text messages and emails. Money was withdrawn from his account while he was already in bed and not using his phone. The man also claims that he did not authorize any payment.

Revolut initially refused to refund the money, but after the case was publicized in the media, it relented, saying that the customer’s well-being and reputation protection were the most important. Revolut returned the missing amount, but without a word of explanation as to what happened.

There have been several incidents of this type in Ireland since the beginning of June. Customers experienced fraudulent behavior that led them to have their app accounts closed without explanation. Revolut stated that it investigates every complaint of this type and contacts the injured parties personally. It denied any hacking of its systems. However, there were voices that Revolut was not taking care of the injured as they would like. Moreover, it is difficult to wait for a response from the company. He deals with the matter most effectively only after media intervention.

If it weren’t for the Irish Independent, I wouldn’t have gotten my money back and would have been left with nothing.

– says the injured IT expert.

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