Revolut becomes your best friend to manage your holiday program

Far from being the latest in terms of innovation in fintech, the online bank Revolut today announces the launch of a new feature of its application: booking “experiences” anywhere in Europe. What does that mean ?

Following the launch of the long-awaited consumer credit and the arrival of its Ultra offer within its banking products, the online bank Revolut announces without warning a new functionality accessible directly from its application. This is called “Experience” and allows users to enjoy tours, activities and attractions around the world. According to the bank, there are already more than 300,000.

A tourism program with cashback

The equation is simple: with 30 million customers in the world, this makes a huge tourist market that many partners specializing in tourist activities would dream of reaching. Revolut is evolving its banking “Super-App” ecosystem with this new feature. Concretely, “Experience” is intended to be a platform for booking activities, visits or attractions within a hub provided for this purpose. A few loose examples: visiting the London Eye, crossing the Moroccan desert on camelback or taking a relaxing dip in the Széchenyi thermal baths in Budapest.

This feature complements Revolut’s extra-banking offer, a bit like booking a hotel or vacation spot already highlighted directly from the application.

And as Revolut does not do things by halves, “Experience” is also subject to the bank’s cashback program with, according to the official press release, up to 10% return on investment depending on activities and booking.

Antoine Le Nel, VP Global Growth at Revolut, prides himself on “revolutionize travel“.

Experiences joins our line of travel products, as we continue to bring innovations to our customers to enhance their experiences around the world — including vacation home and hotel rentals, insurance and currency exchange. currencies. We continue to revolutionize travel, and provide our customers with new, seamless ways to experience the world while improving their purchasing power.

To find out more about this online bank, you can find our full review on Revolut.

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