Resident Evil 9 z ogromną zmianą. Nie wszyscy będą zadowoleni

Resident Evil 9 with a huge change. Not everyone will be happy

The next game in the Resident Evil series is about to undergo a big change, which will be something completely new for the franchise. Not all fans will be happy with this.

Although Resident Evil 9 has not been announced yet, after the success of the recent remakes and the 8th installment of the series called Village, we can be practically sure that it is being developed. One of the most famous informants revealed interesting information about her. However, I don't think all fans are happy with them.

Resident Evil 9

This informant is Dusk Golem, well known in the industry. According to his knowledge, Resident Evil 9 will be an open-world game. This would be a complete novelty for the series, which has always focused on a linear plot. This made it easier to build the story and sense of horror. The open world means a big change for the brand and as a fan, I'm not entirely sure whether I'm satisfied with these reports.

Capcom's decision was supposed to be dictated by the development of their own RE Engine. This was improved during work on Dragon's Dogma 2, which is an open world game. The same idea is to be used in Resident Evil 9 and Monster Hunter Wilds. While in the latter case it seems to be a natural development of the series, in the case of horror games I'm not entirely convinced.

Resident Evil 9 hasn't been officially announced yet, so we don't know its release date. Work on the game has apparently been ongoing since 2018. If this is true, this is the longest-running production in this series, but the desire to create an open world game would explain a lot here.

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