Renault lowers the price of its electric Mégane E-Tech… with a bad surprise

Clearly, the range of the Renault Mégane E-Tech will have been retouched many times. Latest event: the arrival of a new, much more affordable entry-level version. The arrival or rather the return from elsewhere…

Renault has just made some changes to the range of its electric Mégane E-Tech. The most notable change is the arrival of a small-battery EV40 version, which allows the Losange to offer a more competitive attack price. This version disappeared a few weeks ago.

The electric Mégane EV40 starts at 33,000 euros in the Equilibre finish – the most accessible and therefore the least generous in terms of equipment in the catalog. It therefore costs 4000 euros less than the Mégane EV60 with an equivalent finish, which gives it its entry-level status.

Decreased autonomy

Please note that the EV40 requires concessions compared to the EV60. It sees its range drop to 300 km (WLTP cycle), due to a lower capacity battery (40 kWh). By way of comparison, the EV60 and its 60 kWh battery guarantee between 450 and 470 km of theoretical autonomy (WLTP cycle) depending on the version.

The EV40 is also slightly behind in the field of charging. On a fast terminal, it will tolerate at best only 85kW of direct current, compared to 130 kW for the EV60. However, it would seem that the exercise of 10 to 80% recharge is achieved in 37 minutes in both cases.

At launch, Renault also marketed an EV40 without fast charging capability, but this has disappeared permanently. It should also be pointed out the standard arrival of a heat pump and a battery optimization system on the Evolution ER, Techno and Iconic finishes. And the good news is that these improvements don’t lead to no extra cost.

Still more expensive than its Chinese rivals

Despite this price adjustment, the electric Mégane E-Tech remains more expensive than MG4, and in still significant proportions. This rival from China is indeed offered from 29,990 euros (bonus not deducted). The Mégane must also face a new competitor that is even more aggressive in terms of prices: the Chinese BYD Dolphin.

The small-battery electric Mégane has already been marketed in the past. Besides, she has no not met with great success, since it represented on average only one in five sales. Also, his return may seem surprising at first. But ultimately, this choice fits perfectly into the vision of Luca de Meo, the boss of the Renault group who wants to reduce the price of electric cars thanks to small batteries.

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