Renault announces that it has managed to match Tesla with its electric R5, at least on one point

Production efficiency has never been more crucial for automakers. While some are still looking for the right balance, Renault announces a record time which could change the situation.

Renault, determined to leave a strong mark in the electric sector, has just unveiled the Scénic E-Tech, while continuing its efforts to relaunch iconic models like the R5.

Unlike other manufacturers like Volkswagen, which focus on completely new models, Renault has chosen a different path. By banking on nostalgia, the manufacturer wants to establish a strong bond with its consumers.

The perfect example is the R5, an iconic car for the brand which should make a comeback during the next year. Although the model was presented in concept form in January 2021, during the Renaulutionmany of its characteristics still remain shrouded in mystery.

Renault R5 electric

What is certain is that this new R5 will not be a simple reissue of the old one. It will notably be available in an Alpine version inspired by the A290_β concept.

Production records in sight

During IAA Mobility, Renault made a surprising announcement. According to the manufacturer, he would be able to produce the car “ in less than ten hours » in Douai in France, an impressive figure when we know that Japanese manufacturers, among the most efficient on the market, require between 13 and 14 hours. To put this figure into perspective, the Peugeot 207 from the mid-2000s took 17 hours to manufacture.

This production cycle of less than ten hours is almost a record. Just a few months ago, many experts considered such a feat out of reach. With such a figure, Renault directly competes with Tesla, which claims to produce its cars in just 9 hours.

And maybe this is just the beginning. As Luca De Meo, the general director of Renault, pointed out during an exchange with Challenges: “ we aim for nine hours “. If this comes to fruition, Renault could well position itself as one of the most efficient and competitive manufacturers on the global market.

Renault 5 EV – CssTricks

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