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Red Bull Racing RB-2RTeen10 – What does it have to do with Formula 1?

Red Bull Racing is one of the best Formula 1 teams in recent years. It is no wonder that the brand is trying to monetize its successes. This is how the Red Bull Racing RB-2RTeen10 city scooter was created. Is it worth it?

Apparently some films, including cartoons, are able to earn more money from products related to a given title than from cinema tickets themselves. Fans can sometimes make a difference any money for a gadget related to their favorite brand. Another thing is that the quality of these products is not always satisfactory. Which side will this one be on city ​​scooter from Red Bull Racing? Please read the review.

At the beginning, it is worth emphasizing that under this “cute and extremely easy to remember” name Red Bull Racing RB-2RTeen10 there are actually two products with tips 10 and 78, respectively. It was the latter product that I recently tested. But this automatically forces the issue of comparisons with siblings who – to reveal a bit of the secret – in this case, it is in favor of the tested model. However, to finish the topic of the name – no, Don't expect any racing car here. So what will we find inside?


Dimensions when unfolded: 112.2x44x118.9
Libra: 16kg
Rated power: 350W
Battery 7.8 Ah
Battery type lithium
Landing 6-7 hours
Reception: up to 30 km
Max speed: 20 km/h
Speed ​​Modes: 3
Folding mechanism: Yes
Maximum load up to 100 kg
Main material: Aluminum
Brakes Drum front (KERS), Electric rear
Display Yes, LED
Shock absorbers NO
Tire material gum
Diameter of a circle 10 inches
Waterproof NO
Reflectors: Yes
Lighting: platform, front, back
App: lack
Bluetooth: lack
Temperature range: 0-40
Recommended user height: lack
Recommended user age: 14 years
Contents: Scooter, charger, screws for attaching the handlebar, instructions

What will we find in the box?

The box is not too heavy, but everything is neatly hidden inside. Despite the size of the box, there isn't much stuff in there either. Here's our scooter, instructions, charger and a few screws that will help us mount the handlebar. In the latter case you don't have to worry too much. Installation is simple and quick, so preparing the vehicle for the road will not be a problem for you. The mechanism for folding and unfolding the scooter is also simple – just slide the foldable bar out of the lock, set it to the travel position and tighten the lock at the bottom. A classic scooter that will make carrying this model easier.

Design and power supply

As befits a product from the shelf up to PLN 2,500, we have typical solutions for the construction of a scooter. There is an aluminum structure and some rubber thanks to which the arms and legs stay in their places better. Our bull is mainly black with red accents combined in a quite minimalist style, which suits me best. Additionally, we have the Red Bull Racing logo on the platform. The whole is complemented by reflectors on the front, rear and sides as well as lighting. In the latter case, it is both the front and rear typical of city scooters, as well as the less popular side lighting under the platform (this is missing, for example, in the mentioned sister model of Red Bull). Everything is activated simultaneously, without any personalization option. Depending on the driving mode, the lighting is automatic or activated with a quick press of the power button.

Red Bull Racing RTeen10

The power supply itself is a powerful 350 W motor – again an urban classic. There's no wind in your hair, but it's a good value for regular city travel. There is a 7.8 Ah battery hidden under the platform. This is less than the mentioned sister model, because we had 10, but interestingly, in both cases we have the same maximum range declared by the manufacturer, i.e. about 30 kilometers. This is because this scooter uses the KERS system, known from Formula 1, which allows us to recover energy from braking. What's the benefit? The scooter charges in about an hour or two less time.

Driving experience

If you were expecting a racing bull here, well… you will be disappointed. It's decent. Only sometimes it hurts. Acceleration sometimes leaves something to be desired. And if you have a lot of steep hills, it may be even more difficult. However, for a flat city, it will be a decent piece of equipment that will offer us everything we need, plus a small bonus in the form of a few extras.

Red Bull Racing RTeen10

So we have three classic speed modes here – Low (up to 6 km/h), Medium (up to 15) and High (allows us to drive at a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour, i.e. the legal maximum). It's a bit of a pity that switching between these modes is done using the power button, which is demanding when driving. For our convenience, cruise control was added, which activates after a few seconds of driving at the same speed. Oh, it's useful on longer routes. A key would also be useful, but here the manufacturer did not show off his knowledge of the realities in our country. Will you leave a scooter worth PLN 2,400 in front of a store unattended? The thief just needs to press the power button and he's ready to go. You will need to fiddle with an additional lock to secure this scooter.

Another problem, but much easier to turn a blind eye to? Lack of shock absorption – especially large curbs at high speeds can give you a real headache. But in this price range, shock absorbers are a rare exception rather than a requirement. So we have money saved as a consolation.

Red Bull Racing RTeen10


Putting it all together – Red Bull Racing is great at the must-have features of urban scooters, but it's a bit of a shame that it doesn't want to step too far out of line. For this reason, in my opinion, the price will strongly determine the purchase. What could be the scales' tongue? References to the racing team, KERS system, cruise control and a quite eye-pleasing appearance. Personally, I regret that more of this rally style from the top of the grid was not followed with the Red Bull Racing logo.

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