Rekordowo szybki PC. Wystarczy jedno kliknięcie

Record-breakingly fast PC. Just one click

It looks like Blue’s upcoming flagship processor may be even faster. All thanks to the BIOS update prepared by MSI.

The premiere is fast approaching the most efficient consumer processori.e. the model Intel Core i9-14900KS. It has been in the hands of the first reviewers and extreme overclockers a long time ago, and if current leaks are to be believed the premiere is planned for tomorrowMarch 14, 2024.

MSI will provide its users with a clock speed of 6.4 GHz

The specification of the new CPU is no secret. We will get it 24-cores and 32-threads, in a configuration of 8 large, high-performance cores and 16 small, energy-saving cores. The new feature will be a record high clock speed of up to 6.2 GHz. All this at the declared level TDP at 150 W.

However, it seems that one of Blue’s partners has an ace up his sleeve. MSI will add a special profile in the BIOS to selected motherboards, which will provide us clocked at 6.4 GHz. It should be noted that this will only apply to the boost mode for one core, the value for all cores will be 5.9 GHz.

Record-breakingly fast PC.  Just one click

Of course, it must be taken into account that such extreme settings will require not only high-end motherboardwhich has an appropriately powerful and cooled power supply section, but also efficient cooling system. We’re talking about top AiOs (e.g. Arctic Liquid Freezer III) and proprietary LC systems.

The information so far assumes that Intel Core i9-14900KS will be 25% more expensive than Intel Core i9-14900K. The first foreign stores already listed it with a price of $749, i.e approximately PLN 2,929 (+ VAT). The described processor will fit motherboards from the series Intel 600 and 700 equipped with a socket LGA 1700.

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