Razer zamieni Twojego smartfona w konsolę do gier

Razer will turn your smartphone into a game console

Do you like playing on your smartphone or tablet, but you lack a physical controller? Are you dreaming of a portable console? No problem, Razer is here to help!

Just a few years ago, many people looked at them with pity when the term was mentioned “playing on a smartphone”. Alternatively, they thought about simple clickers played in the toilet. However, a lot has changed, and now we have a wealth of emulators, ports of PC games and dedicated and large productions available.

Razer controllers can also be used on PC

This is probably why there are more and more smartphone controllers on the market that improve grip, control and functionality in games. And it so happens that Razer presented two new models.

Razer Kishi Ultra this is high-end equipment. Here we get, among others: 8-way d-pad and ABXY buttons, hall effect triggers, full-size sticks or programmable buttons and L4/R4 switches. There was also plenty RGB LED backlighting and the system Razer Sensa HD Hapticsi.e. advanced vibrations.

Razer will turn your smartphone into a game console

For people who need greater mobility or have fewer requirements, there are: Razer Kishi V2 USB-C. The new version is equipped with improved switches, analog triggers and programmable macros, optimized for low-latency gameplay. However, there are no haptics or RGB LEDs here.

Razer will turn your smartphone into a game console

Both devices described use a USB Type C connector, so they are compatible with smartphones and tablets with an operating system. Android, iPhone 15 and iPad Mini. The Razer Kishi Ultra is priced at PLN 599and the Razer Kishi V2 USB-C on PLN 399. Therefore, it is not equipment for casual gamers.

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