Razer okłamał klientów. Teraz musi zapłacić gigantyczną karę

Razer lied to customers. Now he has to pay a huge fine

Razer must pay more than $1 million to its customers. All because of false information in advertisements for one of the products.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Razer unveiled one of the strangest products in its history. The Americans have introduced… a face mask. But not an ordinary mask! Razer Zephyr stood out with a bold, gaming style, colorful RGB backlight and a relatively high price of 100 dollars.

Razer Zephyr without N95 certification. The producer must pay a penalty

However, the gaming mask did not have one important feature: N95 certification, which is a guarantee of effective protection against microorganisms. The problem is that the product was initially advertised as compliant with the above-mentioned standard. According to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), this was a deliberate misleading of customers.

Taking the above into account, the authority decided to fine Razer in the amount of 100 thousand dollars (approx. PLN 400,000). Additionally, the manufacturer is obliged to refund customers, which will cost him exactly $1,071,254.33 (approx. PLN 4.3 million).


Razer released a statement commenting on the FTC's decision:

We disagree with the FTC's allegations, and while we agreed to the terms of the settlement, we wanted to make clear that Razer has never attempted to mislead its customers. Two years ago, our company informed buyers of the Zephyr mask that it was not N95 certified, stopped its sale and refunded customers' money.

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