Powstaje Quake 6? Tak sugeruje trailer nowej gry Indiana Jones

Quake 6 in development? This is what the trailer for the new Indiana Jones game suggests

Xbox suggests that a Quake 6 game may be in development. Such conclusions can be drawn after watching the trailer for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

At the recent Xbox Developer Direct event, Microsoft presented several games that will be released on their consoles and PCs in the near future. One of them is Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. It turns out that the trailer contained an Easter egg that suggests that Quake 6 is in development.

Quake 6

Probably while watching the Indiana Jones and the Great Circle trailer, few people noticed a small detail that suggests that work on Quake 6 may be in progress. In one of the scenes, a board with various drawings and inscriptions appears. One of them is particularly interesting.

On the left side of the board you can see the slightly blurred inscription “AKE 6”. This alone points to Quake 6. But that’s not all. The inscription itself is not enough to draw such far-reaching conclusions. The situation changes when we look at what is below the text. There you can clearly see the Quake series logo, or at least part of it. In this case, just add 2 and 2.

Quake 6

Is Quake 6 in development? There is a chance for this. Although Quake 5 was never officially released, the last installment from 2015, known as Quake Champions, is the fifth major installment in the series, so the order would be correct. Perhaps we will learn more details soon. Let’s hope this isn’t just an Easter egg.

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