Putin zażyczył sobie PlayStation. Dał ludziom czas do 16 czerwca

Putin wanted a PlayStation. He gave people until June 15

Vladimir Putin commissioned his government to create a game console. It will be entirely based on Russian solutions.

No matter what you say, Russia is quite a distinguished country in the gaming world. After all, it was the Russian who created one of the most popular titles in history, Tetris. Putin's latest idea does not have much chance of repeating this success.

Putin wants to create a game console

Vladimir Putin has reportedly ordered his government to start working on a game console. In fact, we can even talk about two consoles, because the Russian president dreams of both a stationary model similar to PlayStation or Xbox, and a portable device like Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch.

The problem may be that both devices are based entirely on Russian solutions. We are talking about the hardware and software layers. The Russians are to create the consoles completely from scratch and, in addition, provide games for them. This is asking for a spectacular failure.

Putin reportedly gave the government until June 15. By then, they are to develop a plan and present it to the President of Russia. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin will directly supervise the project. The initiative was to be entrusted to VK. Experts predict that the creation of such devices may take up to 10 years. Cooperation with China seems much more likely here.

Where did Putin get such a crazy idea? The reason is obvious. Many foreign companies, including Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, withdrew from Russia when Ukraine was attacked. For this reason, citizens of the largest country in the world (in terms of area) have very difficult access to the latest games.

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