PS VR2 can run on a PC… but it’s not easy to do

A development studio has managed to modify a PlayStation VR2 headset for use on a PC, bypassing a blockage from Sony. However, this requires additional equipment: not everyone will be able to do it.

One of the main criticisms we had of the PlayStation VR2 was that it was stuck on the PlayStation 5: unable to use it on a PC or any other console. A Sony blockage that a development studio called iVRy has managed to circumvent.

Using PS VR2 on a PC: It’s Possible

This developer is not at his first attempt: he had created a pilot to use the first PlayStation VR on a PC. This time, Sony’s latest VR headset cannot run natively on a computer due to a crash. For iVRy, this blocking is not intentional on Sony’s part, or in any case not very powerful.

Day #121: And we’re in!
– PSVR2 was blocking VR modes by saying it couldn’t do DSC
– We modified an AMD Open Source Linux GPU driver to force DSC
– Now we know how to put the PSVR2 into VR mode, so we can design some hardware to do it on Windows
– “Can PSVR2 be used on PC?” – Yes

— iVRy (@iVRy_VR) June 28, 2023

By simply connecting the headset, it obviously does not work: the latter blocks the VR mode. Only by modifying a driver of an AMD GPU under Linux did iVRy manage to unlock this. However, it is impossible to use it on SteamVR in Windows, it still does not work. iVRy announced on Twitter that they are working on the design of hardware to successfully use the PS VR2 on a Windows PC. It will be a kind of adapter to be placed between the cable and the HDMI port.

At the moment, this adapter is not even designed and iVRy does not seem to want to market it. You will either have to make it yourself or buy it from a company that wants to sell it.

Why it’s a good idea

At around 600 euros, Sony’s second virtual reality headset offers high-end from a technical point of view. For example, the two Oled HDR screens are very good and offer good brightness. The Sense Controllers are excellent in every respect and their autonomy allows you to enjoy them for up to five hours at a stretch.

In fact, all this for 600 euros is really good. But only enjoying it on PlayStation 5 makes PS VR2 much less interesting. On the other hand, if it works on PC easily, it could become a really addictive VR headset.

7 /10

The PS VR2 headset // Source: Sony

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