Zakazane tytuły przelewów. Nie wpisuj, jeśli nie chcesz kłopotów

Prohibited transfer titles. Don’t enter if you don’t want trouble

Do you like to use humor in the titles of transfers you send to friends or family members? A financial advisor warns that this is asking for trouble.

You have certainly sent a transfer to a friend or family member more than once or twice. In the titles, which I often did, we write something funny, e.g. “for sex”. An innocent joke can actually be a source of problems, as Dariusz Karpowicz, a financial advisor, warns on TikTok.

Avoid such transfer titles

The financier notes that this type of transfer titles may cause problems. In his opinion, this may be pointed out to us later during a conversation with a bank employee. This was confirmed in the comments by a woman who apparently works in a bank. She wrote that she often had to call customers and ask whether the “protection” in the title was really just a joke.

@doradcakredytowyuk 🚀💸 *Can your transfer titles surprise a bank analyst when you are applying for a mortgage loan in the UK?* In the era of applying for a mortgage loan, every detail matters, even the transfer title! 🏦📝 Funny titles like “for sex”, “for last night” or “thanks for yesterday” may make you smile, but what if we told you that a bank analyst also reads them? 😂🔍 Yes, these little jokes may require awkward explanations later! Before you click “send” on your transfer, think twice about its title, especially if you plan to apply for a mortgage loan. Want a funny story to tell a banking analyst? 🤔💬 Share the funniest transfer title you’ve ever used (without ruining your financial future, of course)! 💰😆 Dariusz Karpowicz – Your Guide to Mortgages 📚💼 Albion Financial Advice 💼💡 LEGAL NOTICE ⚠️📜 🏠⚠️ Your home may be taken away from you if you do not pay your mortgage or other home equity loan installments on time. #MortgageLoan #BankHumory #TitułPrzelewu #Finance #JokesCost #Banking #PieniądzeWObiegu ♬ original sound – Dariusz Karpowicz broker

Another woman wrote in a comment that she once jokingly put in the title of the transfer that it was money for drugs. Apparently, she quickly received a call from the bank asking her to verify this fact. Moreover, she was threatened that the police might be informed about everything.

So it’s better not to be foolish. Although a funny transfer title may seem like an innocent joke, it may end up in unnecessary problems and the need to explain yourself to strangers.

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