Professional Apex Legends players hacked.  Guilty anticheat?

Professional Apex Legends players hacked. Guilty anticheat?

An unprecedented situation occurred during the final of an important tournament in Apex Legends. Supporting programs were remotely installed on players’ computers.

Nobody likes cheaters, but any cheaters antiheat systems are treated by players as a necessary evil at most, especially when the game already has plenty of players who bend the rules of the game. It’s even worse if there is a suspicion that fraudsters are using anticheat to install unfair software on players’ accounts, and this happened during an important tournament in Apex Legends.

Cheats during an important Apex Legends tournament

Recently, the final of the American Global Series tournament in Apex Legends took place. During the final showdown, two contestants noticed that they were suddenly able to see all of their opponents through walls. The game has been interrupted and must be replayed.

Initially, it was believed that he was responsible for the whole incident Easy Anti-Cheat, a program built into the game whose task is to counteract such situations. It was suspected that hackers took advantage of the RCE vulnerability, thanks to which they managed to remotely install software on players’ computers.


People from EAC decided to respond to these accusations. They wrote on Twitter that they have analyzed the reports and are confident that their system does not contain any RCE vulnerability that could be exploited by fraudsters.

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