Produkcja Izery ruszy w 2026 roku. Przełom w sprawie polskiego elektryka

Production of Izera will start in 2026. A breakthrough in the case of the Polish electrician

Izera production is scheduled to start in mid-2026. A Polish company will build the factory.

There is a chance that Izera will soon be on our roads. Business ElectroMobility Poland selected the contractor responsible for the design and construction of the Polish electric car factory. This is a company MIRBUD SA

Jizera – construction of the factory will start soon

The Izera factory will be built in Jaworzno and eventually even 150 thousand cars per year. According to the planned work schedule, production will be able to start now in mid-2026.

This is a breakthrough that many people supporting the project have certainly been waiting for. However, it is worth keeping in mind that all work is at a very early stage. In fact, it’s hard to talk about work yet – so far it’s only been done signing a letter of intent.

Before the general contracting agreement is signed, ElectroMobility Poland and MIRBUD will have to complete a number of formalities, without which work on the investment cannot begin. This of course means that it is declared the production start date in 2026 is by no means certain. We encourage you to treat it as an optimistic forecast.

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