Producing your own energy at a reduced price is EcoFlow’s promise for Black Friday

Ecoflow launches its promotions four days in advance. The brand is offering up to 120 euros off its best energy stations and solar panels. Until November 27, for EcoFlow, saving energy doesn’t wait.

With the arrival of winter, you may have started heating your home again. This year however, with energy prices rising and bad weather leaving you without electricity, you’re already planning to be more vigilant when it comes to turning on your heater. What if, to spend the winter more peacefully, you considered using an energy station coupled with a solar panel? In addition to your supplier, this will allow you, over time, to produce and store part of your electricity and to amortize a little the cost of the bill this winter… and the following ones.

For this Black Friday period, EcoFlow is offering several of its products at reduced prices:

During Black Friday, Ecoflow also offers many other offers to discover on its site.

All-terrain energy stations: the RIVER 2 Pro and RIVER 2 Max lose 120 euros

Designed for daily or occasional use, at home or on the go, the RIVER 2 range is certainly EcoFlow’s most complete and adaptable. The Pro model can in fact provide, if accompanied by a solar panel, up to 1.8 kWh. Enough to recharge your computer, smartphone or even a small fridge for a full half-day. Its capacity of 768 Wh allows it to generate a power of 800W at output. You can therefore connect several devices at the same time without risking a short circuit.

With 7.8 kg, the RIVER 2 Pro is one of the manufacturer’s lightest models. It is also extremely compact and will therefore find its place everywhere, in your interior, or in your car if necessary. Better yet, thanks to the patented X-Stream technology developed by EcoFlow, the RIVER 2 Pro can charge in just 70 minutes.

Beyond speed, EcoFlow batteries are also designed to last. By using LiFePO4 batteries (lithium, iron, phosphorus), the manufacturer’s batteries benefit from a lifespan of 10 years and more than 3,000 charge cycles. To complete this long lifespan, the manufacturer has implemented the Battery Management System (BMS) on all its batteries which, using an algorithm, predicts the risks of short circuits and maintains a homogeneous state of charge.

And if your energy needs are more moderate, EcoFlow has thought of everything since the company offers a Max version of its RIVER 2. With a design and technologies similar to the Pro model, it is more compact and lighter. Its more reasonable capacity of 512 Wh delivers a power of 500W. Perfectly suited to your needs for a short camping weekend or to deal with an unexpected power outage. Also benefiting from X-Stream technology, the RIVER 2 Max charges in just one hour.

Both stations finally benefit from the same inputs and outputs to connect devices and power cables, i.e.:

  • 1 cigarette lighter input;
  • 1 solar input;
  • 1 alternating current (AC) input;
  • USB-C input/output;
  • Direct current (DC) output;
  • USB-A output;
  • AC output.

Until November 27, the RIVER 2 Pro and RIVER 2 Max models each benefit from a 120 euro reduction, bringing them to 679 and 649 euros respectively.

Power and versatility: the DELTA 2 station loses 100 euros during Black Friday

Unlike the RIVER models, whose compactness is perfectly suited to the “outdoor”, the DELTA 2 offers a slightly more massive size. And for good reason: its capacity of 1024 Wh and the power of 2400W that it can deliver are much greater.

In fact, the power of the DELTA 2 station makes it possible to supply

  • 80 full charges of your smartphone;
  • a domestic refrigerator for 7 to 14 hours;
  • a 10W bulb for 58 hours;
  • a coffee machine for 50 minutes.

Adaptable, it can be combined with other models in the same range to deliver a maximum power of 3 kWh with all the additional batteries in the DELTA range. A perfect combination to compensate for unexpected power cuts that can occur in winter when the weather is unpredictable.

To recharge it, nothing could be simpler. Just plug it in and its fast charging system will take it from 0 to 80% battery in just 50 minutes. Charging speed 7 times faster than competing products, according to the manufacturer. If you prefer to use a solar panel, then the full charge will take between 3 and 6 hours with 400W of power. The DELTA 2 model can thus ensure no less than 3000 charges over its lifespan. An investment that is quickly amortized since 3000 cycles correspond on average to a duration of ten years.

Connected thanks to its companion application (available for Android and iOS), it allows you to check charging data, personalize settings and easily adjust the charging speed.

The DELTA 2 station is finally equipped with multiple ports to connect a large number of devices and power cables adapted to your lifestyle:

  • 4 AC outputs;
  • 2 USB-A outputs;
  • 2 USB-C outputs;
  • 2 DC5521 outputs for solar panels;
  • 2 fast-charging USB-A ports.

Currently and until November 27, 2023, the DELTA 2 energy station from EcoFlow is 100 euros cheaper and is offered at 899 euros.

Solar panels for clean, free electricity

To complete the purchase of an energy station, why not also invest in solar panels? With a lifespan of 25 years, they provide additional free electricity, and on average pay for themselves in 8 to 10 years. EcoFlow offers two models.

The first is a bifacial solar panel. Powerful, it offers in addition to a power of 220W on its main side, a rear side with a capacity of 150W. A specificity which allows it to display a very good conversion rate of 23% of the solar energy captured. IP68 certified, it is also designed to withstand most vagaries of the weather (but don’t leave it outside in a storm, for example).

The second is, for its part, designed for more moderate use since it offers a maximum power of 110W. However, this does not prevent it from displaying the same conversion rate of 23% and IP68 certification. Enough to cover any eventuality, whether you are on vacation or at home.

Special mention finally for the complete special balcony kit designed by Ecoflow for small areas. Completely modular, it allows you to combine everything you need to equip an apartment or studio, from a microinverter to solar panels, supplemented by a portable electrical station, or smart plugs. Everything is designed to meet all needs and build your own solar kit for balcony.

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