Producenci kłamią jak z nut. Klienci dostają coś innego

Producers lie like crazy. Customers get something different

Even when buying branded equipment, you need to be careful. The latest report indicates that manufacturers’ specifications often do not match reality.

Nowadays, we can find a lot of computer components from various manufacturers in stores. We are talking about motherboards, graphics cards, cases, power supplies, RAM modules, SSDs and many others. They differ not only in appearance, but also in prices and specifications.

Inappropriate materials were found from 4 out of 6 manufacturers

However, it seems that some companies promise pears on willows. The latest report by the German editorial office Igor’sLAB proves that Manufacturers often lie in the specifications of their products. The equipment received by the consumer may actually differ significantly. This applies even to large companies.

Igor Wallossek, inspired by further reports from readers about mysterious corrosion and clogged hoses, decided to take a closer look at radiators from proprietary liquid cooling systems. Especially since this type of tests are difficult to perform at home – they require the destruction of the radiator and special tools.

Producers lie like crazy.  Customers get something different

Dissecting the heat sinks and detailed spectroscopy of the laser-induced interior decay allowed us to determine that Significant irregularities were detected in four of the six coolers:

  • Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper X-Flow 120mm – Everything’s fine;
  • Aqua Computer Airplex Radical 2/120 – Everything’s fine;
  • Bykski CR-RD120RC-TN-V2 – Brass instead of copper, impurities, lead solder;
  • EKWB Quantum Surface P120M – Brass instead of copper, impurities;
  • Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis GTS – Brass instead of copper;
  • Watercool Heatkiller Rad 120-S Black – Brass instead of copper.

Igor’sLAB points out that the inaccuracies resulting from the measurements are probably not the bad will of the companies mentioned. The problem is rather the lack of checking subcontractors and relying on their assurances and internal “tests”, which should be changed immediately. This especially applies to Chinese OEMs.

Producers lie like crazy.  Customers get something different

Igor Wallossek has already announced further tests, as he anonymously obtained heat sinks from other manufacturers. The next wave of measurements is to include the company’s models Corsair, Thermaltake and several cheaper producers. The full, 8-page publication in German is available HERE.

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