Prime Video plays Halloween in August with Gotham, Evil Dead and It

August is a busy month at Prime Video and more particularly for lovers of thrills with horror films, but also original content.

Like the Parisian weather, will the August catalog at Prime Video be dark? In any case, given the selection of films and series, we are entitled to ask the question. Between Gotham, evil Dead And Thatfans of horror and dark atmosphere will be served while waiting for Halloween.

Series added in August

Gotham (the complete)

First confined to Netflix, the five-season series based on the city of the famous dark knight (Batman for the laymen) finally arrives on Prime Video. The story does not focus on the bat, but on the characters and places that revolve around it. Gotham is a city plagued by crime, politicians and police officers are corrupted by mobsters to look the other way and let them control the streets and business.

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Movies added in July

My Dear F***king Prince

Adaptation and original creation Prime video of the novel by Casey McQuiston. The scenario takes up the original pitch: the son of the first woman president of the United States and the British prince Henry have a lot in common: breathtaking beauty, undeniable charisma, international popularity, but above all, a total contempt for each other . Inevitably, this produces sparks.

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Project X

This is a film that does not look like much, but which will have had a huge success when it was released in 2012. The pitch? Thomas’ parents leave to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The teenager has the house all to himself. His father is not fooled, he knows that his son will take the opportunity to party. He simply asks him not to exceed the limits, which he will obviously exceed.

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It (2017)

The adaptation of Stephen King’s famous horror novel is coming to SVOD for the first time. The synopsis remains the same, all condensed into a 2:15 film: several disappearances of children are reported in the small town of Derry, Maine. At the same time, a gang of teenagers must face an evil and killer clown, Pennywise, who has been around for centuries.

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The complete list of series and films coming to Prime Video in August

  • 1st of August :
    • In troubled waters
    • The ultimate raid
    • Alone against all
    • Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness
    • Gotham (the complete)
    • The last step
    • It (2017)
    • Misery
  • August 2nd :
  • August 3:
  • August 4:
    • Kandahar
    • Time is Up 2
    • The Millers, a budding family
    • Wildflowers (season 1)
  • August 8:
    • NBA Destination: AG League Odyssey
  • August 11:
    • My Dear F***king Prince
    • Cruel Summer (season 2)
    • Blacklight
  • August 15th :
  • August 18:
    • Uncovered (season 1)
    • Our Lady Burns
  • August 25:
    • Jury Duty
    • Found Guilty
    • The Middle

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