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Prime Days are the right time to buy small connected products at good prices. To get started and connect your “dumb” devices in your home, Aqara offers a lot of them. Simple to install, discreet and affordable, they bring comfort and safety to everyday life.

With Prime Days, the home of the future is within your reach. No need to plan a big budget to be able to control your home remotely, automate the launch of your coffee maker, or even manage the temperature of a room.

On July 11 and 12, the home automation specialist Aqara is displaying great discounts on its connected objects. Prime Day only lasts two days, so we’ve picked out the best deals for you. Here they are :

A smart plug: the starting point for your connected home

A smart plug, but what for? The possibilities offered by Aqara’s equipment are actually quite wide and depend closely on the ancillary devices that you may decide to add to your installation.

Only this socket allows you to turn on or off the devices connected to it directly from your smartphone, via the Aqara Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or even Apple HomeKit applications. The most basic equipment such as a lamp or a fan can then be controlled remotely.

You can even create routines and activate the socket, and therefore the devices that are plugged into it, only at certain times of the day. For example, you can program the start of your fan or your air dehumidifier at the time when you usually leave work, to find a cool apartment and clean air in the evening.

And even when you’re at home, the Aqara plug comes in handy. Being compatible with all voice assistants, it also allows you to control your devices by voice. To go even further, if you plug a lamp into this socket and jointly install an Aqara motion sensor at the entrance to the room, the light will automatically turn on when you arrive and turn off when you leave the premises.

Discreet and easy to configure, this connected socket is also compatible with any type of device (up to 2300 W), including the most energy-consuming ones such as electric heaters.

During Amazon Prime Days, Prime subscribers can get it for just 26.84 euros instead of 34.99 euros.

A connected thermostat to better manage your radiators

Compatible with the Zigbee 3.0 and Matter protocols, the Aqara E1 connected thermostat can be easily integrated into all your other home automation routines. This device only takes a few minutes to be installed on the radiator valve and set up.

Once in place, everything happens on the Aqara Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit apps. From your smartphone, you can then quickly and easily change the desired temperature, even when you are on the move. But the interest of such a device is above all to be able to program your radiator so that it automatically adapts to your rhythm of life.

You can then ask it to maintain a precise temperature in the evenings and on weekends when you are at home, and to heat significantly less during the week during your working hours, as well as at night.

And to be as close as possible to your needs, thanks to geolocation, you can also configure the application so that the heating is triggered when you arrive at a certain distance from your home.

Aqara has also thought about your energy bills and its connected thermostat can automatically turn off the heating when the window is open, and more specifically when it detects a sudden drop in temperature. You can also choose to install a specific sensor responsible for detecting whether a door or window is open or closed and couple it to the thermostat so that it reacts with even more precision.

The brand also allows you to pair it with an independent temperature and humidity sensor. In this way, to measure the ambient temperature, you do not have to rely on the temperature sensor built into the thermostat, which is likely to be less accurate due to its proximity to the radiator. Combined, these two devices are very practical to ensure that the temperature is consistent with that desired, and this, at any point in the room. You can therefore choose to switch the radiator on or off as soon as certain temperature and humidity thresholds are reached. All the equipment is therefore responsible for maintaining optimal conditions for you.

On the occasion of Prime Day, the Aqara E1 connected thermostat benefits from a nice discount and sees its price drop from 59.99 to 43.86 euros for Amazon Prime customers. The temperature and humidity sensor goes from 22.99 to 18.85 euros.

A smart doorbell to personalize the welcome of its guests

This is how to make a splash when you receive people at home. Equipped with a camera, a facial recognition system and loudspeakers, the Aqara G4 connected doorbell allows you to welcome your loved ones with personalized messages. In total, the tool can save up to 30 different profiles. You can even choose to communicate with your real voice or modify it electronically.

Thanks to its 1080p camera with a wide field of view of 162 degrees, this smart doorbell lets you know live and in video who is ringing at your door. And since it embeds an infrared sensor as a bonus, even at night, you can detect who is on your landing.

In concrete terms, as soon as your guest presses the doorbell, the module placed inside the accommodation sounds to the sound of personalized music and up to a power of 95 dB. Aqara also allows you to launch the ringtone on the connected speaker of your choice. In addition, you simultaneously receive an alert on your smartphone. Once the call is picked up, you can easily communicate directly with the person concerned, even if you are far from home.

Very practical, this smart doorbell also allows you to monitor on demand what is happening around your home in your absence. Even on vacation, you can keep an eye on your home.

During Prime Days, this G4 video doorbell from Aqara is displayed at 109.99 euros instead of 129.99 euros for Amazon Prime customers. A particularly affordable price for this type of device compatible with the latest Matter standards.

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