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Premiere of the HBO hit. We waited two years for this

Fans of the series “Road of the Dragon” can rub their hands with joy. Today, on June 17, the premiere of the second season will debut on the Max platform.

“Dragon Bloodline” returns to the Max platform after a two-year break. New episodes premiere on June 17. We watched the finale of the first season in October 2022, so it's no wonder that we are eagerly awaiting the development of the threads we have started.

Action ““Dragon Bloodline” takes place two hundred years ago, before the action“Game of Thrones”. It tells the story of the brave Rhaenyra, who is looking for solutions while fighting to keep the crown. The first season“Dragon Bloodline” slowed down significantly compared to what we were used to for eight years.”Game of Thrones”. It was more of a palace intrigue than a battle-filled medieval fantasy epic. Such an extended prologue to the real action of the series – the Targaryen civil war, known as the “Dance of Dragons”.

The second season returns and is expected to be more menacing, bigger and overall more spectacular than the first. Lovers of action and its sudden turns, like ““Game of Thrones” they shouldn't be disappointed. Let's hope that the potential will be fully exploited.

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