Popular producers are changing their tactics.  Are they still not enough?

Popular producers are changing their tactics. Are they still not enough?

AOC and Philips are two brands responsible for the production of, among others, computer displays. As recent data show, both companies have been doing exceptionally well in the gaming sector recently. But both brands don't want to slow down, they just keep adding more energy and at the same time changing their approach to creating this type of equipment.

540 Hz! AOC wants to offer this cosmic level of refreshment in its latest monitors. But recently it has been a moment of minor reshuffles for the duo of this company and Philips. We met in person with the teams from both brands to learn more about it.

A clear division

As the only editorial office from Poland, TELEPOLIS.PL had the opportunity to meet representatives of AOC and Philips during the presentation of equipment planned for the coming months. In addition to the already mentioned monitors with a refresh rate of 540 Hz, we could see, among others, new members of the Evnia brand, which wants to reach the mainstream. A clearer policy towards each brand, which is to have clearer characteristics, will also help to expand the customer group. See for yourself what this is all about.

Although AOC recently took first place in the gaming monitor category, it does not want to slow down. Philips also has equally ambitious plans, which, in addition to providing equipment for a wide audience, also wants to appeal to a narrow group of specialists. Hence, among other things, the emphasis on proper calibration of equipment. You can hear more about this in our material above.

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