Polsat Box Go.  Robert Lewandowski in the Champions League return match today

Polsat Box Go. Robert Lewandowski in the Champions League return match today

Today, FC Barcelona will face SSC Napoli again in the Champions League. Who will triumph this time?

UEFA Champions League it is the most prestigious trophy in club football. Lifting the cup is not only an injection of cash, but also a place in the history of sports. Achieving this, however, is not easy, because the competition involves the best teams from the strongest leagues in Europe. The 1/8-final matches are currently being played and the stakes are starting to get higher.

The return match of FC Barcelona – SSC Napoli on Polsat Box Go

The summit clash will take place today (March 12) at 8:50 p.m. They will face each other in the rematch Spanish FC Barcelona with Italian SSC Napoli. There will be a Polish thread in the clash in the form of Robert Lewandowski, who will try to lead his teammates to victory. It is worth noting, however, that there is no point in looking for Piotr ZieliƄski on the pitch. The Napoli star was not registered for the UEFA Champions League competition.

The first match was played in Italy and ended in a 1-1 draw. Who will triumph today and climb one floor higher in the tournament ladder? We will get the answer to this question today. The meeting will be available to watch in Polsat Box Go on Polsat Sport Premium 1. It is worth mentioning that Polsat Box Go also provides access to an interactive statistics mode, which shows additional statistics about the match, e.g. number of shots or percentage of ball possession.

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