Polomarket ma pilny komunikat. Chodzi o SMS-y

Polomarket has an urgent message. It's about texting

Polomarket informed that it fell victim to a hacker attack several days ago. Cybercriminals probably stole the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of network customers.

Hacker attack on Polomarket

The hacker attack occurred on the night from Friday (May 3) to Saturday (May 4). The network warns its customers that there may have been a data leak in the form of telephone numbers collected when registering Polokarta and e-mail addresses collected when subscribing to the newsletter.

Currently, we have not received any information about the unauthorized use of your data (including the actual disclosure of this data). Nevertheless, we feel obliged to inform you that there is a potential risk that your telephone number or e-mail address may be used to attempt to extort other, additional data from you.

– writes Polomarket in a statement.

However, the store warns that the stolen data may be used by cybercriminals to steal other data. Therefore, the network recommends taking countermeasures. In addition, the store advises to ignore suspicious SMS messages that may reach customers' phones.

In particular, we recommend that you ignore unexpected messages or messages from unknown senders, do not click on links contained in them or open suspicious attachments, and be careful when answering calls from unknown telephone numbers.

– writes Polomarket.

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