Co Polacy kupują w internecie

Polish women do it more often than men. All they need is the Internet

Poles love online shopping. Already 88 percent of us buy new things without leaving home.

Poles buy clothes, cosmetics and electronics

What do Poles buy online? This may come as a surprise, but… mainly clothes and shoes, i.e. things that would seem to need to be measured. However, clothing and footwear stores made sure that we could return items that did not fit without any problems. This effectively freed Poles from the fear of buying something in the wrong size. 59% of people buy things from this category. Polesusing online stores.

Jewelry is not as popular as clothes and shoes – only 6 percent. Poles shopping online add jewelry to their baskets. More than one third of Poles shopping online use… cosmetics (35%). Slightly fewer people buy this way electronics (29%) and household appliances (22%). 23 percent. reaches for medicines and supplements online diets.

There is one category where brick-and-mortar stores beat online: grocery shopping. As many as 91% of people using online stores people prefer to go shopping for groceries in person.

Women and men buy differently

Of course, there are also differences between the habits of men and women. Nearly three quarters of women – as much as 73 percent – admits that he prefers to buy shoes and clothes online. As much as 53 percent buys cosmetics this way, which is also not surprising, because online stores offer an almost unlimited selection, which stationary stores will never catch up with. The percentage of men searching for products from these categories on the Internet was 44 and 14 percent, respectively.

Men shopping online are more likely than women to look for consumer electronics, household appliances and electronics (12 and 32 percent, respectively), as well as sports equipment – 26 and 6 percent, respectively. for men and women.

The data comes from the Santander Consumer Bank report “Poles’ Own Wallet: Poles on the Internet. The study was carried out using telephone, standardized questionnaire interviews conducted by the Institute of Market and Social Research (IBRiS). A representative group of 1,000 adult Poles using the Internet took part in the study.

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