Polscy sprzedawcy mają dość AliExpress i Temu

Polish sellers are fed up with AliExpress and Temu. They call for a boycott

Polish sellers are fed up with competition from the Chinese platforms AliExpress and Temu. They call for a boycott.

AliExpress and Temu are Chinese sales platforms that are becoming more and more popular in Europe, including Poland. They win primarily with low prices, which result from non-compliance with European law and the huge support of the Chinese government. Polish sellers are fed up with this and are calling for a boycott, reports Rzeczpospolita.

Boycott Temu and AliExpress

AliExpress and Temu can offer such low prices, among other things, because of the enormous support of the Chinese government. This not only offers tax breaks, but also supports the construction of warehouse and logistics infrastructure. As a result, sellers pay only 4%. corporate income tax instead of 25%. All this translates into up to half lower logistics costs.

Moreover, Chinese sales platforms are frivolous about compliance with European law. This applies, among others, to the Omnibus directive, under which sellers must clearly present the price, including the lowest price from the last 30 days. The second issue is declaring the value of shipments below the amount of EUR 150, on which customs duties apply. There are supposed to be as many as 2 million of them a year.

We review our pricing practices to ensure they comply with all laws and regulations. We are improving our guidelines to help sellers accurately price their products and comply with regulatory standards. As a newcomer on the Polish market, we based our prices on established industry standards. We highly value the opinions of our Polish customers, and compliance with legal and regulatory standards applicable in our operating markets is crucial to our business.

– informs the European press office Temu.

Polish sellers cannot compete on price with Chinese platforms, and their practices are considered unfair competition. That’s why they call for a boycott and lobby for stronger regulations that would equalize the opportunities.

Consumers of Polish and European platforms should, first of all, react to this type of practices: boycott and avoid platforms that engage in unfair competition.

– says Sebastian Błaszkiewicz, head of sales at Unity Group.

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