Znachor na drugim miejscu

Polish film in 2nd place in the Netflix report. International success

It's always nice when Polish production is ranked high. It turns out that “The Quack”, also known as “Forgotten Love”, is the second most watched film on Netflix.

The success of Quack, or Forgotten Love

Netflix has just published the second edition of the views report, covering the period from July to December 2023. This is an international list of films that viewers watched most often. Second place in the ranking went to the Polish production “Znachor”.

The report took into account duration and number of views. However, films and series were separated. Here's what the top of the list looked like when it comes to films:

  1. “Beloved Child” (53 million), Germany
  2. “Znachor” (43 million), Poland
  3. “Conspiracy of Silence” (21 million), Mexico
  4. “Girl in the mask (19 million), South Korea.

An interesting fact is that “Znachor”, a Polish production with the sensational Leszek Lichota in the title role, functions internationally as “Forgotten Love”.

When it comes to series, the first place was taken by “Lupin”, which with its three seasons generated almost 100 million views. The next series in order were: “The Witcher” (76 million), “Virgin River” (69 million) and “Sweet Magnolias” (35 million).

The series “Suits” was out of competition with 144 million views, but the result concerned all nine seasons.

So, if you haven't watched any of the items mentioned, you will have a dilemma as to what to watch in the evening. Sometimes it is worth reaching for what others have already seen and appreciated. This report is based on 90 billion hours watched in the second half of 2023. This is a huge audience that sets trends in film productions.

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