Polscy kierowcy niczego się nie nauczyli. Tragiczne statystyki majówki

Polish drivers haven't learned anything. Tragic May Day statistics

The Police Headquarters provided data on this year's May Day weekend. They do not inspire optimism. Polish drivers haven't learned anything.

May weekend is usually a time of intense work for the police. Every year, more accidents occur at this time. Many drivers are also caught for the so-called double gas. This year was no different. In many respects it was worse than the previous one, which only shows how big changes are still needed, including in the law.

Black May Day 2024

Data from the Police Headquarters show that 401 accidents occurred during this year's May weekend. This is an increase of 86 compared to the previous year. At the same time, 460 people were injured and as many as 34 died. The latter included 12 car drivers, 7 passengers, 7 motorcyclists, 3 cyclists and 4 pedestrians.

I would like to remind you that Monday, May 6, is also a period of intensive returns and there will certainly be no shortage of policemen on the roads.

– said the superintendent. Robert Opas.

The situation was not much better in terms of people detained on the so-called double gas. This year, the police caught as many as 1.8 thousand. such drivers. It is true that this is 179 fewer cases than a year earlier, but the number is still alarming. After all, we are talking about just a few days of the May weekend. According to the new law, if the alcohol content in the blood exceeds 1.5 per mille, the court must decide to confiscate the car.

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