Polska motoryzacja z dobrymi wynikami, ale przyszłość maluje się słabo

Polish automotive industry with good results, but the future looks poor

The analytical company AutomotiveSuppliers.pl presented a report on the state of the Polish automotive industry. 2023 was a record year in many respects, but the outlook is poor.

The Polish automotive industry recorded record results in 2023, according to a report by the analytical company AutomotiveSuppliers.pl. He recorded significant increases in almost all aspects. At the same time, the future looks less rosy.

The state of the Polish automotive industry

The production of the Polish automotive industry increased by 15% year on year. The largest share in this was the production of accessories and parts, which generated a total of PLN 122 million in revenue, which is an increase of 9.3%. At the same time, this is a record result in the history of the Polish industry.

However, the greatest improvement can be observed in the production of vehicles and engines, which generated PLN 97.5 million in revenue, but this is an improvement of as much as 25.2%. on an annual basis.

Employment is also quite good. It amounted to 202 thousand. people, i.e. by 2.9 percent and 5.4 thousand more than at the end of the previous year. Interestingly, the market recorded the greatest growth in the first quarter, when 3.8 thousand were employed. additional people. In the following quarters, the growth was not so dynamic.

Exports also increased, exceeding the value of EUR 50 billion for the first time in history and amounting to exactly EUR 50.28 billion. That's as much as 26.5 percent. more than a year earlier, so the increase is very large.

– In all months of last year, except September, the export dynamics was double-digit. As a result, the full-year export value of the automotive industry was over ¼ higher than in 2022.

– emphasizes Rafał Orłowski, Partner at AutomotiveSuppliers.pl.

When it comes to Poland's main partners, the leaders are as follows: Germany (35.9%), France (8.9%), Czech Republic (7%) and Italy (6.2%).

Unfortunately, although the results for 2023 are very good, experts expect a significant slowdown. In 2024, sales may be worse than the year before. This is primarily due to large cuts in the automotive market, including group layoffs announced by, among others, Continental, Bosch, Forvia and Autoliv.

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