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Poles want to send OWL into space

SatRev from Wrocław announces the pioneering SOWA-1 mission. It will use a new generation satellite with a size of 6U (capacity 6 liters). The mission will begin its space stage in two months.

This is the first such satellite 6U size created by SatRev. The equipment is to be launched into space on board the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle in May or June this year. The operation depends on, among others, meeting all of them necessary weather conditionsto ensure a safe and successful start.

OWL will be looking at us

The mission of the new satellite includes, among others: image data processing in order to obtain even more effective Earth observation capabilities. The manufacturer declares that the solutions used will help make a real revolution in the way we explore space. They are supposed to help with this the small size of the satellite itself and the advanced computational payload.

SatRev has been successful so far sent 11 satellites into Earth's orbit. These devices can be used to solve resource utilization and optimization problems across a wide range of issues, such as precision agriculture, energy resource assessment and transport infrastructure monitoring.

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