Polacy przelali ponad 2 biliony złotych. KIR podsumowuje 1Q2024

Poles transferred over PLN 2 trillion. KIR summarizes Q1 2024

The National Clearing House summarized March and the entire first quarter of 2024 in the Elixir, Euro Elixir and Express Elixir systems. They are all used to transfer money.


In March 2024 in the system Elixir settled jointly 195.05 million transactions. These included credits (e.g. transfer orders) and debits (e.g. direct debits) of value PLN 747.96 billion. There was a transaction 3.3% less than the year before (201.77 million), while their total value increased by 3.2% for 12 months (from PLN 724.6 billion). The highest daily number of messages in the Elixir system was processed last month March 11 – It was 16.67 million transactions worth PLN 39.14 billion.

KIR Elixir

In the entire first quarter of 2024, the Elixir system was implemented 564.2 million transactions worth PLN 2.17 trillion. That's appropriate by 1% and 8% more than in the same period of 2023.

Euro Elixir

In the system Euro Elixir in March 2024, it was settled 4.3 million messages worth EUR 28.71 billion. Number of transactions per year decreased by 5.1% (from 4.53 million) and their value decreased by 12.5% (from EUR 32.82 billion). It was a record day in terms of the number of cleared messages March 5when the system processed 251.18 thousand transactions with a total value of EUR 1.37 billion.

KIR Euro Elixir

In the first quarter of this year, a total of 12.91 million transactions worth EUR 84.62 billion. That's appropriate 4% more and 2% less than in Q1 2023.

Express Elixir

Express Elixir it is a system that enables implementation instant transfers and transfers to a telephone number (between BLIK users). This was implemented in March this year 42.31 million transactions worth PLN 20.99 billion. For comparison, in March 2023, 28.05 million transactions worth PLN 16.02 billion were settled, i.e. the number of transactions for a year increased by 51%and their value increased by 31%. The highest daily number of transactions was recorded March 82.22 million instant transfers worth PLN 1.33 billion.

KIR Express Elixir

In total, in Q1 2024, the Express Elixir system was implemented 116.41 million transactions worth PLN 58.77 billion. Compared to the first quarter of 2023, the number of transactions increased by 56%and the value by 36%.

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