Polacy przy przelewach często robią ten błąd. Rzecznik banku wyjaśnia

Poles often make this mistake when making transfers. A bank spokesman explains

Do you sometimes like to make fun of the titles of transfers you send to friends or family members? It's better not to do this, because you may get into trouble.

Some time ago we wrote about Dariusz Karpowicz's TikTok, which went viral on social media. It concerned prohibited transfer titles. Although it referred primarily to the British market, where the financier operates, it turns out that it is also better to be careful in Poland, as Bankier.pl wrote.

Prohibited transfer titles

Let the one who has never written anything funny in the title of a transfer to a friend or family member cast the first stone. What may seem like a harmless joke can actually have serious consequences. In extreme cases, the bank may block the transfer, ask the customer for an explanation, or even report the matter to the appropriate services.

Of course, jokes in transfer titles are not prohibited by law, but explaining the topic – in justified cases – may be a certain nuisance consequence for a person who describes a transfer in an inappropriate way for a joke.

– said Bartosz Trzciński, spokesman for Bank Pocztowy.

Banks are even obliged to apply appropriate security measures, including monitoring customer activities, analyzing transactions and sources of revenue. This results from Art. 33 of the Act of March 1, 2018 on counteracting money laundering and terrorism financing.

Therefore, it is better not to make fun of transfer titles, because even though this is a rare situation, it can cause problems. And even if it doesn't cause problems, it may lead to an awkward situation in which we have to explain the title as “for a drunken night” or “for a great evening”.

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