Polacy uwielbiają płacić w ten sposób. Wzrost aż o 40 procent

Poles love to pay this way. An increase of as much as 40 percent

Poles love deferred payments. In November alone, their popularity increased by as much as 40%. Every year.

Deferred payments, i.e. the buy now and pay later method, are becoming more and more popular. CRIF data shows that in November 2023 alone, the number of this type of transactions increased by as much as 40.5%. on an annual basis – informs Bankier.pl.

Deferred payments are a new hit

In November 2023, Poles conducted as many as 1.21 million transactions in the deferred payment system. Their total amount is as much as PLN 412.5 million. This means that the popularity of this method increased by 40.5% year on year. in numerical terms and 34 percent in terms of amounts. In total, 530,000 people benefited from deferred payments in the eleventh month of last year. Poles.

Moreover, more and more of us declare that we also want to use deferred payments in the future. According to PayPo data, as many as 66 percent people who paid for the product in this way intend to do it again. As if that wasn’t enough, as many as 69 percent Poles declare that they give up shopping if a given store does not offer deferred payments.

Why are deferred payments so popular? For 24 percent customers, it is a method that allows you to verify the condition of the product. For 21 percent people, it is a way to make unplanned expenses, 11 percent chooses this method when they are unsure about the purchase. Only 8 percent customers choose deferred payments when they currently have no funds for the purchase, and 2% when they are in a difficult financial situation.

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