Polacy znów ofiarami naciągactwa. Chodzi o klientów Pekao i PKO BP

Poles are victims of fraud again. This concerns Pekao and PKO BP customers

Recently, an advertisement that is part of a phishing campaign has been circulating on social media. It’s best to avoid it at all costs.

Users of social media, especially Facebook, have recently been able to see an advertisement on their wall which, with its sensational headline, slanders one of the largest banks in Poland. In fact it is part of a larger phishing campaign.

Hunting for PKO and Pekao customers. Orlen in the background

“Peko Bank and PKO Bank Polski caught in a scandal! A sensational scandal with the main banks of Poland” – this is what it says ad headline, recently appearing on social media. The CSIRT KNF warns about the whole situation and notes that after clicking such an advertisement, we are not transferred to the article, but to fake investment website.

Fraudsters are not the only ones taking advantage here registered marks of Pekao SA and PKO BP banks, but also Orlen and the Ministry of Finance. After clicking such an ad, we are taken to a fake investment website with a data form. There, the user is persuaded to invest in gas and oil trading. In fact, this is how fraudsters steal payment card details.

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