Polacy na potęgę tracą samochody. Dane policji są zatrważające

Poles are losing cars a lot. The police data is terrifying

From March 14, 2024, Poland has regulations on the confiscation of cars of drivers who use dual gas. We know how many cars the police took away on this basis.

From March 14, 2024, a new law will apply in Poland. It allows the police to confiscate the cars of drivers who use dual gas. Later, the court must issue a judgment on the forfeiture of the car. Although the regulations have only been in force for 1.5 months, hundreds of cars have already been confiscated – TVN24 reports.

How many cars did the police confiscate?

According to the latest data from the Police Headquarters, from March 14 to April 26, a total of 934 motor vehicles were confiscated under the new regulations. This gives an average of over 21 vehicles for each day the new law is in force. This just goes to show how drunk driving is still a big problem in our country.

Importantly, the police can seize your car for a maximum of 7 days. During this time, the prosecutor must decide to conduct property security on the vehicle. If he fails to do so, the car should be returned to the owner. In the event of seizure, the further decision rests with the court, but by law the court is obliged to decide on forfeiture. At this point there is no other choice.

The government announced changes to the new law, which, among other things, will abolish the mandatory provisions. This means that the court will be able, but will not have to, order confiscation of the car. Everything will depend on special circumstances. For now, the police confiscate cars from people who are caught driving with more than 1.5 per mille of alcohol in their blood or whose blood alcohol content is above 0.5 per mille, but they cause an accident in this condition.

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