Polacy znów nabijani w butelkę, chodzi o klientów dużego banku

Poles are being fooled again, these are customers of a large bank

Criminals have prepared a malicious website that impersonates Bank Millennium – warns CSIRT KNF.

Fake investments are a well-known scheme, but unfortunately still deadly effective, as evidenced by subsequent versions of this fraud appearing like mushrooms after rain. This time, as reported by CSIRT KNF, the attackers are using the image of Bank Millennium.

On the fake website that is promoted through advertising on social mediause the image of the institution to tempt them with the alleged increase in income.

The site has several videos and clear descriptions that encourage you to leaving contact details in the form of name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number. Of course, as soon as you do this, a consultant pretending to be a broker will contact you and start persuading you to transfer him a certain amount of money.

No matter what he promises in return, do not be deceived. This is a textbook fake investment scheme. The broker will disappear at any moment, and your money will disappear with him. Let's also be clear: Millennium has nothing to do with this.

The editors remind us that investments in financial instruments are not, in principle, illegal, but they involve high risk. Any broker who promises guaranteed profits is simply untrue. So this declaration itself should arouse suspicion.

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