Polacy znów nabijani w butelkę, chodzi o klientów BNP Paribas

Poles are being fooled again, it's about BNP Paribas customers

BNP Paribas bank customers are once again targeted by criminals. Be careful when visiting a bank's website.

Specialists warn against the fake website of the BNP Paribas bank. The purpose of its existence is to extort login details for electronic banking. The website is a copy of the bank's real website and is located under a fake domain, which experts point out. If you receive a link with this address via text message or email, do not click on it.

Fake BNP Paribas website

Fortunately, most browsers already mark the site as unsafe, so if you click on a link to it, you'll get a warning. This should save potential victims from losses.

Phishing warning on fake site

The fake BNP Paribas bank website is not the only such fraud. Cybercriminals are creating new traps for Poles, impersonating various companies and institutions. CSIRT KNF reminds what the real addresses of courier companies' websites look like. It is also better to access them by entering the address yourself in the browser. Links from text messages and emails can mislead you.

Again, we advise caution, especially when a site asks you to fill out forms. Do not under any circumstances provide your details or payment card details unless you are absolutely sure that you are on the right page.

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