Polska na podsłuchu. Rządowy instytut sprawdzał, co piszesz o PiS

Poland under surveillance. A government institute checked what you wrote about PiS

The NASK team appointed by the state government was to fight disinformation. In fact, he checked what Poles were writing about PiS on the Internet.

As part of the Scientific and Academic Computer Network (NASK), the government has established a Department for Counteracting Disinformation. This, as the name suggests, was supposed to fight disinformation. In fact, as indicated in the report obtained by Gazeta Wyborcza journalists, he checked what Poles wrote about the ruling party on the Internet.

NASK at the service of the government

Reports show that on September 5, the NASK team dealt with the topic of education in private schools. At the same time, information appeared that the then Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki sent his daughter to one of such facilities. On September 7, i.e. when the bribery scandal at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs broke out, it was checked what Poles thought about foreigners.

According to information from journalists, the Department for Counteracting Disinformation actually did not deal with disinformation. In fact, the topics that were important to the ruling party at a given moment were checked. On October 9 and 11, what Poles thought about PiS was monitored. Other parties were not monitored at all.

I would like to clearly add that no reports were commissioned for current party activities, but only for public administration activities.

– Piotr Müller, spokesman for the former PiS government, commented on the matter.

According to Müller, the fight against disinformation also includes topics related to state security, including those related to the current activities of the government. During 1.5 years of operation of the Disinformation Counteracting Department at NASK, almost PLN 19 million was allocated for its operation.

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