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Poland. Millions of documents need to be exchanged or fines will be imposed

Many drivers in Poland still have a valid driving license. They will soon be forced to replace it or their licenses will be suspended.

There are still many drivers in Poland who have a valid driving license (I am one of them). These were issued before January 2013, when the regulations changed and since then each document has a maximum validity of 15 years. Now the European Parliament has approved changes that will completely eliminate indefinite driving licenses.

Indefinite driving license to be replaced

All drivers who have a permanent driving license will have to replace it with a valid driving license with a maximum validity period of 15 years. The European Union claims that it is about practical issues and, for example, inspections several dozen years after the document issuance, during which police officers may have problems identifying the person in the photo.

Importantly, this does not mean that the permissions themselves will become invalid. These will still be for life. It is only about the document itself and the obligation to exchange it on time. Therefore, holders of permanent driving licenses will not have to provide medical certificates when exchanging them, as holders of valid documents have to do.

Unfortunately, the obligation to replace an indefinite driving license involves an expense of PLN 100. This is how much it costs to obtain a new document. Moreover, failing to comply with this obligation may result in a penalty in the form of automatic suspension of driving privileges. This will take place no later than January 18, 2033, so there is still plenty of time to replace the document.

In the case of a road check after suspension of driving license, we will receive 15 penalty points and a fine from PLN 1.5 to PLN 30,000. PLN and a driving ban from 6 months to a maximum of 3 years. Permanent driving licenses must be replaced between 2028 and 2033.

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