Poczta Polska walczy z InPostem. Chce mieć własną nazwę maszyn paczkowych

Poczta Polska is fighting with InPost. Much depends on this decision

Poczta Polska wants to have its own name for its parcel machines. An application to reserve the name has already been submitted to the Patent Office.

Today, many companies are trying to undermine InPost's position. Among others, Orlen, DPD and Poczta Polska have their parcel machines. The latter even intends to reserve a new name for its devices. An application to reserve it has already been submitted to the Patent Office, reports Rzeczpospolita.

Poczta Polska wants to have Pocztamaty

Poczta Polska submitted an application to the Patent Office to reserve the name Pocztomat. This is how the state-owned company wants to name its parcel machines, which are to compete with parcel lockers. This is another attempt, as the previous one failed.

The Post Office tried to trademark the Pocztomat name several years ago, but then InPost objected. The owners of parcel lockers did not like the fact that the proposal of the state-owned company was too close to their registered name. The Patent Office agreed to this application and did not allow the Pocztamats to be registered.

The disclosed word and graphic mark “pocztomat” has not yet obtained protection. This will only happen if the expert finds no obstacles to granting a right of protection and if, after any publication of the mark in the Bulletin of the Patent Office, no objections to this application are received.

– says Monika Chrobak, spokeswoman for the Patent Office.

It is difficult to expect that InPost will not raise an objection again. The deadline for this is June 25. Until now, Poczta Polska called its devices Pocztex Automat.

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