Poczta Polska ma kryptoznaczek 2.0 - to nowa odsłona NFT

Poczta Polska and money creation – crypto stamps in a new version

Although the Internet joked about the first edition of Poczta Polska stamps in the form of NFT tokens for a while, it didn't take long to make a lot of money on this cryptocurrency. Now Poczta Polska is returning to its idea.

In February 2023, Poczta Polska started selling collectible postage stamps “Poland in space”, with graphics generated by AI, additional personalization and, perhaps most importantly, assigned an NFT token to each of them. Later, limited editions of “Relief of Vienna” and “Battle of Chocim” were added to the collection, accompanied by unique FDC crypto-envelopes and crypto-folders. In cooperation with Polish Radio, unique Cryptopostcards – Musical NFT cards – were introduced to the market.

The first edition of Polish Post Crypto StampsThe first edition of Polish Post Crypto Stamps from 2023

While the physical part of the purchased product is beyond doubt, Polish philately has been doing well for decades. That's it a unique, digital version of the stamp can then be a transaction resource on digital exchanges and an object of speculation. In short, the smarter ones made a lot of money on crypto stamps last year.

A new collection of cryptocurrencies from Pocza Polska

This time a collection called “In the Sky” is based on surrealist balloon paintings by Andrzej Grosik — they were an inspiration for Roch Stefaniak, who created four Categories of the Polish Cryptostamp 2.0. Again The AI ​​spat out the illustrations, this time fed by Grosik's work.

Balloons inspired by Pennies - crypto stamp

After purchase, the customer receives both the traditional version of the stamp as well special codes to download its digital version to your wallet. Thanks to this, the collector can store the traditional version of the Crypto Stamp in the Crypto Stamp, while the digital version can be placed in the Crypto Stamp.

The circulation is small this time

Four categories priced from PLN 18.50 to PLN 123 have a total mintage 17 thousand pieces. It's not much, because a year ago, Poczta Polska issued as many as 175,000. pieces of these unusual “securities”.

Is it worth investing in Poczta Polska NFT stamps? The matter here is simple – if you want to invest in something, invest in an industry that you know very well. The NFT market is definitely not as spectacular as it was in its beginnings (not to say that the speculative bubble has burst) and you should not engage in it without proper knowledge.

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