PlayStation VR 2 z bardzo ważną aktualizacją

PlayStation VR 2 with a very important update. finally

The latest PlayStation VR 2 update introduces a very important change. Virtual reality goggles can finally be connected to a PC.

PlayStation VR 2 is officially only supported on the PlayStation 5 console. However, Sony recently announced that it wants to enable their use on computers as well. This is probably due to poor sales of the goggles and the desire to reach a wider audience. The latest update introduces an important change in this matter.

PlayStation VR 2 for PC

It turns out that the latest software update for PlayStation VR 2 introduces the ability to connect the goggles to a computer. You will no longer need any third-party programs or drivers to use them on PCs. This does not mean that you can plug them in and start playing now. Official Windows drivers are still needed to support graphics cards. Updating the PS VR2 software is just the first step.

Importantly, the goggles will require a VirtualLink adapter to work with computers. This is due to their structure. Therefore, Sony should make an appropriate accessory available. It will probably be available in electronics stores, but we don't know when and at what price.

The ability to use PlayStation VR 2 on computers should significantly increase player interest. Considering their price and capabilities, they may be one of the best and most profitable virtual reality goggles for PC users. This is due, among other things, to the support for eye tracking technology, which is also available in the Meta Quuest Pro model, but it costs twice as much as the Sony product.

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