PlayStation Portal złamane. Zrobili to pracownicy Google

PlayStation Portal broken. This was done by Google employees

PlayStation Portal has been cracked. This was done by Google employees, but they did not share their achievement with the world.

A team of Google Cloud Vulnerability engineers managed to crack the PlayStation Portal console. Employees of the American technology giant have found a way to run PSP games natively on the device. However, players have no reason to be satisfied.

PlayStation Portal broken

PlayStation Portal is a console used for cloud gaming. This is possible thanks to the PlayStation Remote Play service. Normally you can't run any other games on it. However, Google engineers, led by Andy Nguyen, found a way to enable PSP productions natively on the PS Portal.

The thing is that they did not intend to share their achievement, which should not be any surprise. Despite this, many players began to criticize Nguyen. They believe he should reveal how he managed to crack the console so that other players can do the same.

I have no idea why people cry about this. If we just revealed it publicly, do you think Sony would just leave it as is? Reporting and not reporting are only a few weeks apart.

– Andy Nguyen commented on the matter.

Google employees informed Sony about the found security vulnerability, which has already developed a fix. This was introduced as part of the last PlayStation Portal update, marked as 2.06, so there is currently no known way to run PSP games on the device.

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