PlayStation 6 będzie albo droższe, albo niewiele lepsze od PS5

PlayStation 6 will be either more expensive or not much better than PS5

Next-generation consoles, including PlayStation 6, may be noticeably more expensive than their predecessors. The problem is the market situation.

Sony recently announced its financial results, which turned out to be worse than expected. Although PlayStation 5 has already achieved 50 million units sold, the Japanese did not manage to achieve the goal of 25 million consoles sold that they set for themselves last year. Because of this, profits were lower. Another problem is the market situation, which will also affect new generation devices.

Will PlayStation 6 be more expensive?

Console manufacturers have become accustomed to a situation in which initially they do not make the best money on their devices, so that over time their production costs decrease and thus their revenues increase. However, this is not the case with the current generation. Despite several revisions of PlayStation 5, the console is as expensive to produce as it was at the beginning of its life cycle.

This situation will also affect next-generation models, including PlayStation 6. According to rumors, the device will bring smaller performance gains than expected in order to reduce production costs. The second alternative, however, is a greater improvement in computing power, but a noticeably higher price compared to PS5. How big? We don’t know that.

This contrasts with reports that PlayStation 6 is to be the most powerful next-generation console. I wonder how the Japanese intend to achieve this and how it will affect the price of the device.

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