PlayStation 5 Pro ma być konsolą do grania w 4K i 120 fps-ach

PlayStation 5 Pro is to be a 4K and 120 fps gaming console

PlayStation 5 Pro is to be a console that will allow you to play in 4K resolution and at 120 frames per second. This is how Sony wants to advertise the device.

PlayStation 5 Pro should hit stores at the end of this year. According to the latest information, the console is to be positioned as a gaming device in 4K resolution and with a smoothness of 120 frames per second. This is to be made possible by improvements prepared by Sony, including the image scaling technique.

PlayStation 5 Pro

Several things will enable gameplay in 4K resolution and at 120 frames per second. First, more powerful device specifications. The original PS5 has a graphics chip with 36 CU units. In the case of the Pro model, it is 56 or even 60 CU, which means a significant increase in efficiency. In addition, the console is to receive faster GDDR6 memory and a higher clocked processor.

However, a more powerful specification is still not enough to allow for such smooth gameplay at such a high resolution. The image scaling technique, which Sony has been working on for a long time, is said to be helpful. This is supposed to work on a similar principle to NVIDIA DLSS. This means that the image will be rendered at a lower resolution and then scaled by algorithms to 4K.

Therefore, it will not be native Ultra HD. However, this is not to prevent the Japanese from advertising PlayStation 5 Pro as a 4K/120 fps console. Image scaling techniques have been available for several years and will be nothing new for gamers. However, the Japanese solution will require some work on the part of game developers, who will have to implement the technique in their games.

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