Wydajność PlayStation 5 Pro

PlayStation 5 Pro is supposed to impress with this. Several times improvement compared to PS5

How efficient will the PlayStation 5 Pro console be? On the one hand, it is not much faster than the regular PS5, but on the other, the difference will be huge.

If the rumors are true, the premiere of PlayStation 5 Pro is fast approaching. The console will probably go on sale at the end of the year, just before the holiday season, which is the hottest sales moment. However, what will the Pro version actually offer better than the regular PS5? It all depends on how we look at it.

PlayStation 5 Pro performance

PlayStation 5 Pro is to be equipped with a custom Trinity system. It is to be equipped primarily with a more powerful graphics system with 56 or 60 CU units, where the regular PS5 offers only 36 CU. This alone should translate into a significant increase in efficiency of 40-50 percent. in the number of frames displayed per second. In addition, the console will also have faster GDDR6 20 Gbps memory.

And this increase in efficiency by about 40-50%, as rumors suggest, on the one hand seems significant, but on the other hand, in many situations it will not make such a big difference. However, PS5 Pro is supposed to impress with something different. The console is expected to offer up to a 3-fold increase in Ray Tracing performance. In some scenarios, the improvement is expected to be up to 4 times.

In addition, PlayStation 5 Pro will improve the smoothness of the game not only through increased performance, but also through additional solutions. This includes the PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution technique, which will allow you to scale games like NVIDIA DLSS or AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution. Interestingly, although Sony was supposed to cooperate with AMD in this field, their solution is supposed to be better than Red’s.

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