Gry na PlayStation 5 Pro muszą spełnić konkretne wymogi

PlayStation 5 Pro games must meet specific requirements

Games will have to meet certain requirements to receive the “Trinity Enhanced” label, which will mean that they have been adapted for PlayStation 5 Pro.

If everything goes according to plan, the PlayStation 5 Pro console will debut at the end of the year. Reports so far show that it will offer much better performance than the regular model, and will also offer several new solutions, such as the image scaling technique. What's more, appropriately adapted games will receive a special marking, which will mean that they use the capabilities of PS5 Pro.

Games for PlayStation 5 Pro

The latest rumors suggest that Sony is preparing a special marking for games that will take full advantage of the capabilities of PlayStation 5 Pro. However, obtaining such a stamp will not be easy. Each production will have to meet certain requirements. What?

First of all, such a game must run in 4K resolutionand this can be achieved by image scaling using the PSSR technique. The second requirement is the smoothness of the game at a constant 60 frames per second. The final issue is ray tracing effects. If all three points are checked off, the game will be highlighted accordingly.

Such improvement in resolution and fluidity is to be possible, among other things, thanks to more powerful components. The graphics system is to be faster by about 45 percent and the RAM by 28 percent. The processor will also see a slight improvement, but in this case the difference from the regular PS5 model will not be large.

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