PlayStation 5 Pro nie ma sensu? Tak twierdzą twórcy gier

PlayStation 5 Pro doesn't make sense? That's what game developers say

According to the developers, PlayStation 5 Pro makes no sense because they still have not used the capabilities of the basic model.

In a few months, PlayStation 5 Pro, an improved version of the basic PS5 model, will probably go on sale. This one is to be much more efficient, and will also receive several improvements, such as an image scaling technique called PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution. However, according to the developers, the device makes no sense.

PlayStation 5 Pro doesn't make sense?

This opinion was expressed by Christopher Dring from During GDC 2024, he talked to several game developers and some of them believe that PlayStation 5 Pro makes no sense. Why? Because they still don't use the full capabilities of the basic model. Moreover, they believe that the current generation has not really started yet, so such an improvement is pointless at this point.

The developers' opinion seems strange, to say the least, considering how many games for the current generation of consoles have trouble achieving 60 frames per second, even in performance mode. In addition, PS5 Pro will offer much better performance in Ray Tracing, as well as the above-mentioned image scaling technique, ultimately even up to 8K resolution.

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