PlayStation 5 sprzedaje się dobrze, ale rekordu nie będzie

PlayStation 5 is selling well, but it won't set a record

Sony shared its financial results for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year. They show that PlayStation 5 is still selling well, but it is unlikely to break records.

In this generation of consoles, Sony once again emerged victorious in the battle with Microsoft. Available data shows that PlayStation 5 sells at least twice as much as Xbox Series X/S. The data for the last quarter are also good, but the PS4 level is unlikely to be surpassed.

PlayStation 5 sales

According to Sony's data, 20.8 million PlayStation 5 units were sold worldwide last year. This result is slightly worse than the Japanese company's forecasts, which assumed a result of PLN 21 million. At the same time, in the last quarter we bought 4.5 million consoles. For comparison, a year earlier, in the same period, there were as many as 6.3 million PS5 copies. Thus, total sales exceeded the ceiling of 59.2 million.

However, Sony realizes that such good results will no longer be achieved. The Japanese company predicts a decline in sales. This year, consumers are expected to purchase only 18 million copies of PlayStation 5, and in the following years this number will decline even more. Therefore, it will probably not be possible to beat the results of PlayStation 4, which boasts a result of 117.2 million. The most popular console in Sony's history is still the PS2, with approximately 155 million units purchased.

At the same time, Sony boasted of the sales of its latest hit, Helldivers 2. The game was bought by 12 million players in the PlayStation 5 and PC versions. We are talking about a production that debuted only 12 weeks ago, so there is still room to improve sales.

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