Playing any PC browser game is possible, but not without concessions

Shadow announces the arrival in early access of its browser version this July 31. Enough to play any PC game (almost all in fact) from any device. The whole not without some concessions on the possibilities offered by this version.

Last month, Shadow announced the arrival of a browser version: it will arrive in early access on July 31, as indicated by the company on its blog. How to access the ” PC in the cloud from just about anything that can open a web browser.

Shadow PC in Browser: Shadow goes to the browser

For several years, the service of cloud computingis accessible from several platforms via its application: Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, Android, iOS, etc. This time, no need for a particular device: Shadow will be able to work in a light version intended for browsers, ” designed to provide only the essential features you need for the best experience. This is not the first service that will allow you to play games in the cloud from a browser.

Fire Google Stadia already allowed it on a catalog of games. This is also the case with GeForce Now from Nvidia, again on a specific catalog of games, like the other services of cloud gaming . The strength of Shadow compared to these two services is that we are not limited by a catalog that is bound to change: we can use the games we have on Steam, Epic Games Store, etc. Be careful though: some multiplayer games have protections that prevent you from using the service.

From July 31, Shadow PC in Browser will be available in early access. To access it, you will have to subscribe to one of the company’s new offers: the price of the Shadow PC increases by three euros per month (from 256 to 512 GB of SSD storage). Same story for the Power offer, which allows you to enjoy more performance: five euros more, but with more RAM.

The limitations of the browser version of Shadow

For the company, this version “opens up the ability to use Shadow PCs seamlessly across dozens of devices“. As she writes in the blog, they could be accessible from a connected refrigerator or an electric car.

In theory, all you have to do is open a browser and go to to connect to your PC in the cloud. Warning: only Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers are compatible, so no Safari. Other limitations will apply: it starts with the definition and the refresh rate. They will be 1440p and 60Hz maximum respectively. Some audio and video codecs will not be compatible, so the overall quality of the service will be worse than if used from its versiondesktopor application.

There are also differences between the early access period and when the browser version will be finalized. Initially, users will not be able to use the microphone or camera, or copy-paste ordrag and dropfrom another browser tab.

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